Our services

In the wake of challenges ranging from housing shortages to climate change and rising inequality, leaders require innovative solutions to navigate these complex issues. Bell and Notice Advisors, LLC collaborates with leaders to articulate their community development agendas, prioritizing equity and empowerment.

Strategic Advising:

We guide nonprofit and public sector leaders in crafting impactful community development strategies that advance their agendas for organizational transformation, community development, equity, and social change.

Our services include: 

Fostering strategic partnerships among organizations and stakeholders within the community development ecosystem.
Providing guidance in identifying, engaging, and collaborating with key partners to leverage resources and maximize impact.
Offering assistance in developing capacity to respond to strategic opportunities.

Fund Development Advising

We advise nonprofit executives and public sector leaders in designing effective fund development strategies to drive success.
We assist clients in diversifying their revenue streams through innovative financing mechanisms, alternative revenue sources, and strategic partnerships.
Our support includes exploring opportunities for earned income, social enterprise development, impact investing and leveraging assets and resources for financial sustainability and resilience.

Capacity Building:

We equip organizations with the frameworks and tools to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and maintain compliance, ultimately enabling them to achieve their strategic objectives and drive sustainable growth.

Toward this end our services include:

Developing and documenting standard operating procedures.
Establishing effective service delivery systems for program success.
Leadership training and team building and;
Change management planning and organizational restructuring.

Climate Change Mitigation

We guide nonprofit and public sector leaders in developing plans that effectively engage communities and maximize public and private investments to meet decarbonization and net zero targets.

Our services in this area include:

Scaling Decarbonization in Affordable Housing and Single-Family Homes: We support organizations in developing strategies to scale decarbonization efforts in low-resourced communities, ensuring equitable access to climate solutions.
Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF): Our team designs deployment strategies to support greenhouse gas reduction initiatives, enabling clients to achieve goals for net zero emissions and increase climate change resilience in vulnerable communities.
Guidance on Service Delivery Systems: We provide guidance on service delivery systems for Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF), ensuring best practices in funding single-family homeowners and small building owners for decarbonization and climate change resilience.