About our Company

about us
"Elevating Communities, Empowering Success"

Bell and Notice Advisors is a national; consulting firm that partners with nonprofit, public and private sector leaders to design,  implement and advance innovative and impactful community development strategies.

Founded by Denise Notice-Scott, former President of the Local Initiatives Support Corporation, BNA brings over 35  years of experience and an extensive network of seasoned professionals to serve our clients.


Denise Notice-Scott

Denise is the founder and CEO of Bell and Notice Advisors. Drawing from over four decades of leadership experience in the community development and finance sector, she advises nonprofit, public and private sector leaders on community investment and affordable housing strategies. She is nationally known for her strategic expertise and abilities to achieve goals. Denise currently serves on the boards of the Consumer Finance Protection Board, NYC Housing Development Corporation and Queens Museum. From 2016 to 2022 she served on the Board of Directors of NY Federal Reserve Bank, serving as Chair from 2019 to 2021. Prior to launching Bell and Notice Advisors she was President of the Local Initiatives Support Corporation, where she served in various roles for over 24 years, culminating with her role as President. Under Denise’s leadership, LISC deployed billions in community investments in 38 cities and rural communities annually and expanded its footprint by nearly 20% with seven new local offices. Prior to joining LISC, Denise served as a White House appointee to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). She also spearheaded a range of public and nonprofit initiatives nationally.

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